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 Dancing Ferret Discs

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PostSubject: Dancing Ferret Discs   Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:41 am

I guess this is really old news, but I just found out that DFD is no longer in business! sad or frown (There was probably a post on this when it was announced, but just in case anyone else was left in the dark..)
From Patrick's LiveJournal

"It's a little bit tempting to say that the growth of Dancing Ferret since our very humble beginning in 1995 was part of a master plan, a long-term strategy mapped out well in advance. But the truth is that we grew as we were needed. The initial plan was simply to offer great concerts and club nights to the Philadelphia scene, which was all we did for the first three years. Running a record label was not part of the plan, but when no record label would put their support behind a scrappy young band from Florida that knocked our socks off, we decided to screw the system and start our own label, Dancing Ferret Discs. A few years later came our retail store, and then our mailorder outlet, then the magazine. Throughout all of this, there were concerts - many concerts - and weekly events.

Thanks to the loyal and consistent support of the Philadelphia gothic/industrial scene, our local enterprise grew over many years into a truly international company. Not only were our events able to attract patrons from all over the country, but our label was able to build audiences for our bands all around the world. It was the Philly scene that empowered us to expand, to strengthen, to be bold and audacious. Anyone who starts a business has a few crazy dreams that they occasionally fantasize about, and riding the trolley from a rented room in West Philly to open a bank account for Dancing Ferret Concerts in Center City, I had time to dream a little. Never in any of those dreams did I imagine myself standing on the Great Wall of China, watching a Dancing Ferret band sign autographs and pose for pictures after a triumphant concert in Beijing. That was unquestionably the most amazing moment of my life.

I've often described the job of running Dancing Ferret as being like a plate-spinner in a carnival. There are so many plates to keep aloft, and there are no time-outs. As our customers supported us over the years, we expanded, adding more plates. Finally we've reached a point where there are too many plates for me to spin. Breaking your own plate is bad enough, but if that plate represents a career that an artist has entrusted to you, then the pressure becomes truly intense. I've been blessed with a fantastic staff (past and present) that has helped me keep things spinning over the years, not to mention the trust of many talented musicians who have given me their plates to spin next to my own. However, despite having the Sweetest Job Ever, years of burning the candle at both ends to keep all the plates going has finally caught up to me. My focus is scattered all over the place, and if I continue on my present course, I run the risk of dropping a plate. I'd rather do fewer things and do them well than do many things and do them poorly.

After November, Dancing Ferret Discs (and Noir Records) will stop releasing new material. Of course this does NOT mean that our wonderful artists are hanging up their hats, nor that their albums will disappear. It also does NOT mean that anything will happen to Nocturne, Dracula's Ball, Digital Ferret or IsoTank. It simply means that in the future, new albums by the DFD bands that you love will be released by other labels (or in some cases, by the artists themselves). Our bands will continue to make great music, and you'll continue to find it at Digital Ferret and IsoTank, you'll be able to hear it at Nocturne, and you'll be able to see the bands perform at Dracula's Ball. Even when our mission was simply to bring great concerts to Philadelphia, one of our core goals was to turn people on to cool music they'd love. That will always be one of our core goals, and in keeping with that, we'll be doing our best to make sure that it will always be easy for you to find music by DFD bands.

While it would be very convenient for me to cite filesharing, CD burning, and the other usual boogeymen as the cause of this decision, the fact is that our bands have very loyal fans who have bought a lot of DFD releases over the years. The label didn't run into limitations of the marketplace, but rather, into limitations of human capacity - my capacity. I'd love to try to continue to do it all, but even with the help of many great people, it's not a realistic goal. In coming to this conclusion, I was mindful of the old saying: "dance with the one who brought you." Philadelphia was definitely the one who brought me, and while the music industry can be an admittedly scary place, I know that our label acts will do just fine out there without DFD to release their new material. I want to do a little more dancing with Philadelphia yet - bigger and better things for Nocturne, Drac's Ball, Digital Ferret, concerts, events...who knows what else? And, quite honestly, I'd like to sleep more than a few hours a night. My work has been intensely satisfying to me, but there's been a lot of it, and I miss the days when I still had the energy to hit a diner after Nocturne. I don't want to burn out, because I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I couldn't work with music any more.

I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities and experiences that Dancing Ferret Discs has brought me over the past decade. I'm looking forward to many more amazing experiences with Dancing Ferret Concerts in the years to come. There are so many people to thank for the blessings I've had thus far that I couldn't possibly list them all here. Just know that I am always aware that without their support - without YOUR support - I never would have made it this far. There's plenty more work to be done, and I hope you'll join me for the ride. But first...it's 7:30am in Philly, and I'm going to get some sleep.

With thanks,

[Patrick] "
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Dancing Ferret Discs
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