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 When instrumental music strikes a false chord

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PostSubject: When instrumental music strikes a false chord   Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:40 am

When instrumental music strikes a false chord

Older children, however, generally hate Mozart. Indeed, piping classical music in public spaces has for years been employed as a method of deterring youths from loitering. Just last month, West Midlands Police announced a reduction in ‘anti-social behaviour’ outside a shopping centre, a month after a PA system started playing Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. This move was made ostensibly to ‘create a welcoming environment for shoppers’, but within days shopkeers and police noticed the number of teenagers hanging around had also reduced; they returned only when the system was briefly switched off.

Interesting article about the ways we use music,as a weapon,as an educational aid and in many other ways.

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When instrumental music strikes a false chord
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