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     Philly Homeowner Declares He's 'Foreclosed' on Wells Fargo

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    PostSubject: Philly Homeowner Declares He's 'Foreclosed' on Wells Fargo   Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:46 pm

    Wells Fargo Meeting Today With Philly Homeowner Who "Foreclosed" On Them (Here's How He Did It)

    All Patrick, pictured above along with his house, wanted was for someone from Wells Fargo to talk to him. A single, white, goth and industrial music event promoter who declines to give his age, he wanted someone to explain why they were doubling his premiums and requiring him to insure his century-old house for its full replacement value instead of the market value. Wells Fargo wanted him to take out almost a million dollars worth of insurance in the event his house, a 6-bedroom, 3 bath Tudor he paid $180,000 for in 2002, was reduced to rubble and needed to be rebuilt stone by stone to standards from over a hundred years ago. Though he's diligently paid his mortgage on time for the past seven years, he couldn't afford the jack-up in premiums, nor did he see a reason why he should have to accept them.

    Besides the increase in premiums, Wells Fargo was also tossing extra and inexplicable fees on his account. For instance, they charged him for two home inspections in one month, even though no inspectors had come out to house.

    Throughout the process, Patrick admits there was "about 10% revenge" motivating him, but with each escalating step he took he really thought that okay, this is the one that will catch their attention and make them talk to me.

    The rest is at the link,along with pictures of the gorgeous house.

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    PostSubject: Re: Philly Homeowner Declares He's 'Foreclosed' on Wells Fargo   Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:36 pm


    Is fantastic, showing that with a little research of the ins and outs of legality, a common man can use the system against the greediness of the banks.
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    Philly Homeowner Declares He's 'Foreclosed' on Wells Fargo
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