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 Amityville Horror House Sold?

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PostSubject: Amityville Horror House Sold?   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:43 pm

Original Amityville Horror house on sale for $1.15 million **LINK**


The five-bedroom, Dutch Colonial-style home in Long Island, New York is on the market for $1.15 million (796,000) and estate agents are hoping that its notoriety will spark interest among buyers.

In November 1974, the house was the scene of a multiple murder. Ronald DeFeo Jr shot dead six members of his family as they slept. A month later, George and Kathleen Lutz moved into the address at 112 Ocean Avenue with their three children.

The Lutzes claimed that they were subjected to a terrifying supernatural ordeal - walls oozing slime, sinister images appearing on the walls, a plague of flies descending upon the house and a crucifix turning upside down before their eyes. Mr Lutz said he was awoken every night at 3.15am, the time of the DeFeo killings, and that he had seen his wife levitate from the bed. He also reported that his five-year-old daughter was visited by a demonic, pig-like creature with glowing eyes.

The couple called in a Catholic priest, Father Ralph J. Pecoraro, who insisted he had heard a man's voice telling him to get out as he sprinkled holy water and began to pray.

The family fled the house after only 28 days.

Their story was turned into a best-selling book by Jay Anson, and the 1979 film starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder, which spawned a dozen sequels.

Sceptics immediately cast doubt upon the story and the Lutzes fought persistent rumours that it was a money-spinning hoax. Both passed a lie detector test.

Subsequent owners said they had never encountered anything strange. James Cromarty, who lived in the house from 1977-1987, said: "Nothing weird ever happened, except for people coming by because of the book and the movie."

The house number has been changed to deter unwelcome visitors and the distinctive quarter-windows in the attic, made to resemble eyes on the film's poster, have been replaced. However, neighbours said the property still attracts gawkers, mostly on Hallowe'en.

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Amityville Horror House Sold?
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