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 Books for shipping only!

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PostSubject: Books for shipping only!   Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:11 pm

Yes, I'm at it again. I need to unload the last of my stock of Left To The Night Alone, second edition.

This book is now A VAMPIRE ALONE and has a new cover.

The story is identical, but the publisher is different as well.

These copies of Left To The Night Alone are collector's items. What I have, is it. Once these are gone, they are gone, so I'm signing them as "Last of Stock 2nd edition."

$7 and they are yours. I'm rounding up because shipping is $6 and change, and I paid more than that for them from the publisher, but would rather sell them and take a loss than continue to cart them to events, when I'm trying to promote A Vampire Alone.

I have about 15 (or so) left.

If interested, either message me or send me an e-mail to murgaine@yahoo.com

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Books for shipping only!
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