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 Frenchman escapes prison in cardboard box

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PostSubject: Frenchman escapes prison in cardboard box   Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:52 pm

Yes, I laughed.... And I'm posting 2 articles.... the other one is the one to make me laugh..

Quote :
Official news article

He is among France’s most notorious suspects, accused of murdering the daughter of an actor and her lesbian lover before burning and burying their bodies near his home in Burgundy.

So when Jean-Pierre Treiber escaped from jail, hidden in a cardboard box in a lorry, the French prison service faced accusations of gross incompetence.

Official embarrassment was compounded by the disclosure that it took the guards seven hours to realise that he was missing — and that an inmate had slipped out of another jail in a lorry on the same morning.

Critics said that the double escape highlighted the disorganisation in France’s 194 prisons.

As Michèle Alliot-Marie, the Justice Minister, travelled to Burgundy to demand an explanation, more than 100 gendarmes scoured the countryside where Mr Treiber, 45, was employed as a forestry worker before his arrest.

They believe that he is capable of hiding in the Forêt d’Othe for days, if not weeks, hunting animals and gathering plants for food.

“He knows the area like the back of his hand. He’s a real woodsman,” said one gendarme.

Hundreds of extra officers have been posted to the region. Judicial officials admitted however that he may have left Burgundy by slipping on to a goods train at Migennes junction.

Mr Treiber is awaiting trial next year on charges of murdering Géraldine Giraud, 36 — whose father, Roland, is an actor — and Katia Lherbier, 32, her partner. Mr Treiber was arrested in 2004 in possession of the women’s credit cards three weeks after they disappeared.

Police found the charred remains of their bodies in a well near his home in the village of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.

A post-mortem examination failed to determine the cause of their deaths but concluded that they had either been suffocated or poisoned.

Mr Treiber, who denies any involvement in the killings, was remanded in custody in Auxerre prison. He was put in charge of the workshop, which makes clothes, stationery and other goods.

On Tuesday morning he made a cardboard box which he placed with other boxes containing paper and pens before getting in and closing the lid. A delivery lorry picked up the consignment and drove him to freedom.

The driver said that he noticed the trailer’s Tarpaulin had been opened and that the boxes had been damaged when he unloaded them — but he did not tell prison authorities.

Mr Treiber’s absence was noted at the lunchtime inmate count. A guard went to his cell but took no action after his cellmate said that he had been taken for questioning by an investigating magistrate.

It was only on Tuesday evening that officials realised that he had escaped.

“I’m stupefied that anyone can escape from a French prison in this way,” Mr Giraud said. “He must be found very quickly.”

His escape will earn him a place in French penal history along with the likes of Henri Charrière — nicknamed Papillon — and Jacques Mesrine, whose exploits were turned into films.

Quote :
Game player's article

Man Escapes from French Prison in a Goddamn Box

A suspected murderer of two pulled a Solid Snake and escaped a high security prison by hiding in a box. Wow.

Forty-five-year-old Jean-Pierre Treiber built the box in a prison workshop, hid inside of it, and was unwittingly loaded into a delivery truck. At some point in the truck’s long journey Treiber snuck out of the box and bailed from the vehicle. Police have since launched an extensive search for the convict.

Treiber was in the Auxerre, Burgundy high security prison, awaiting trial for the murders of Geraldine Giraud and Katia Lherbier. Geraldine was the daughter of French actor Roland Giraud. The bodies of Geraldine and Katia were found in a well on Treiber’s property. The cause of death for both was strangulation.

Treiber was once a forest warden and is very familiar with the Othe woods which lie twenty miles north of Auxerre. It seems this drama is moving from one Metal Gear Solid title to the next: from Sons of Liberty to Snake Eater.

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Frenchman escapes prison in cardboard box
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