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 A Vampire Alone Promo - Just wanted to share it with everyone...

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PostSubject: A Vampire Alone Promo - Just wanted to share it with everyone...   Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:16 pm

I did it myself so I'm kind of proud of it. grin

From two-time best selling, triple award winning Horror author ANDREA DEAN VAN SCOYOC, comes one of her most heartbreaking and intriguing works to date…


Ivana Morriander has seemingly lived an eternity…but “life” is a strange oxymoron for the beautiful woman, because she is not alive and hasn’t been for centuries.
Through friendships, dear people she’s shared some of the best times of her life with, to heartbreak and loss, Ivana’s existence has become more than she can bear…yet she thrives in a world that she feels no connection with.

Enter Ruben…a dashing man of awkward but elegant mannerisms and for a time, the lonely vampire finds happiness with the – much like herself – seemingly displaced man. But Ruben hold a secret, a centuries old family oath that he is bound to fulfill. Will Ruben forsake all he knows and has been brought up to believe to share life with his enchanting new friend…or will his heart be broken carrying out a promise he neither made, nor wishes to keep?

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A Vampire Alone Promo - Just wanted to share it with everyone...
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