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 Organization / fund-raising help

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PostSubject: Organization / fund-raising help   Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:01 pm

Seeing as I'm terrible in social situations, I shall ask my peepsies (you guys).

How does one go about setting up an in school organization and support itself? I want to get more in my area interested in German and the german-speaking countries our families came from, but I don't know where to start.
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:49 am

Talk to your school activities counsel about it.

At my school, we were allowed to use a table in the student center for promotion and to get people to sign up. I made some flyers and talked to people about the organization.

You'll probably need a sponsor, so if you know any of the german language teachers that would probably be the first place you'd want to look.

To get funding from the school, there are certain requirements, but if it's anything like my university it shouldn't be that difficult. I just needed a sponsor and five people who were interested, and now we get up to $1,200 for the school year.

So....I would start with making flyers and handing them out to students. As long as you have a few people who are genuinely as interested in it as yourself, the group should grow on its own.
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:19 am

^^Yep, agreed with badart. I also know in college that there was a panel of student leaders from all the different clubs called the Co-Curricular Council. They would hear your idea (after you had filled out all the paperwork and fulfilled the requirements) and would vote yay or nay on it. If you got majority yays, you were in. You usually have to meet requirements like having proof of student interest, a faculty member advisor, a few ideas of planned events you might have, and some speech about how it would benefit the student body.

That's amazing you got $1,200 for a five people group, BA! We got less than that for my 150 person club. My cheapskate uni!
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:13 am

Hmmm... what about interschool clubs? I'm not going to be at my community college for too long and then after that I switch to the university. It'd suck to have to re-start over there.
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Virgo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:05 am

You may have to.

But now, for my own trevails with the German Gang at Texas State:

In class it became apparent that goths, bros, honors students, stoners, etc., had all taken the class for a reason. Spanish is necessary in the south. Chinese and Russian are useful in the world. But just as a lot of students in Japanese read manga when young, we all were drawn to German as a language that spoke to us... so to speak tongue

Your best asset is your peers. You have an idea. Float it and others will get on board because German students are special. If they don't realize this already, make sure they do. Ask them why they took it. Whether it's German family, German cars, German industrial music, or how the German economy has dealt with financial devestation, you guys are linked by Germany. Someone among you will be more outgoing- like Cody was for my group, and someone will be more practical with keeping things together, like Cutter was. Inspire your peers and let them figure out their roles.

We figured out who we were and where we stood in a non-school sanctioned way. We threw a party, with only German beer and spirts. We talked and joked into the night, and decided to make it a weekly thing. Those were heady, awesome days, when I was called Jager Girl because my hair was the green of a Jager bottle.

But I digress.

To get everything together we needed a school sponsor. Most unis don't accept clubs without un Leherer oder Leherin backing it up. We tapped Herr Connor, who was excited that we cared enough about the subject he'd devoted his life to to start a club. I think many teachers would feel the same if you just approached them.

Give it a go. All you have to lose is your Jager tolerance drunken sick
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:29 am

Well, we'll see I guess....

I think there's only one (maybe two) german teachers and they don't teach on campus so I might have to try to tap another teacher....

And find out the colllege's specs on groups.... yay talking to strangers in offices!
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PostSubject: Re: Organization / fund-raising help   

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Organization / fund-raising help
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