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 Kindle anyone? I have a new short collection available!

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PostSubject: Kindle anyone? I have a new short collection available!   Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:07 pm

For some reason, Amazon is not putting up the description I included with the Kindle version, here here is a synopsis of Candlelight Tales

Two tales:

The Voice is a Victorian Supernatural story about a woman named Norelle, with an almost heavenly voice, but she is owned by a cruel and hurtful man named Franco. He won't allow her to sing anywhere but on stage. Norelle finds Franco's weakness and wishes to kill him, but her life is intertwined with his and she has to make the decision as to whether it's worth losing all that she has worked for to be free of him.

Loyalty is a good old fashioned camp-fire ghost story type of tale, told by a white woman named Kale Blanchard, about her two American Indian friends, the RainChaser brothers and their family.

Everyone has heard of the kindness or curses bestowed upon people who have either been kind or cruel to AmerInds...but what if the old legends were true?

Kale tells about what happened when her town abused the RainChasers and the devastating effect it had on them all.

I wrote this story in homage to both sides of my family and the heartache my ancestors has to endure, due to being American Indians in towns full of whites.
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Kindle anyone? I have a new short collection available!
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