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 Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident

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PostSubject: Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident   Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:46 pm

I thought some of you might like to check this well documented canadian UFO crash case. Its somthing thats interested and intruiged me for many years..

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PostSubject: Re: Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:20 pm

On the night of October 4, 1967, at about 11:20 p.m. Atlantic Daylight Time, it was reported that a UFO had crashed into the waters near Shag Harbor, on Nova Scotia's South Shore (on the east coast of Canada). At least eleven people saw a low-flying object head down towards the harbor. Multiple witnesses reported hearing a whistling sound "like a bomb", then a "whoosh", and finally a loud bang. Some reported a flash of light. Thinking that an airliner or airplane had crashed into the Sound next to Shag Harbor, some witnesses reported the event to the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP detachment.

The unknown object was referred to as a "UFO" in official Canadian government documents. A Canadian Naval recovery effort immediately followed, perhaps aided in part by the U.S. military. This event is sometimes compared to the Roswell UFO Incident.

A number of people reported seeing a UFO in the air that night but many lost sight of it as it headed down towards the body of water known as The Sound, which was adjacent to Shag Harbor. A notable individual who saw the UFO in the sky was Laurie Wickens, he was driving down Highway 3 through the village with four of his friends. Just after 11:00pm local time, one of his passengers pointed out an object in the sky with four flashing yellow lights at an angle of 45 degrees, moving down towards the Sound.

The group lost sight of the craft but heard the object as it went into the water. They made for the shore so they could see what had happened. After leaving the car in the parking lot of an Irish Moss Plant, they stood on the shore and observed the object, now showing a single, constant, dim yellow light floating in the water about a mile out.

Wickens decided to drive further along the coast to Wood's Harbor where he knew he could find a payphone to notify the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that he had seen a plane crash into the water. Corporal Werbicki answered Wickens' call and asked if the young man was sober when he saw the incident. Still, the call was taken seriously but before the Corporal could notify any units in the area he was contacted from Maggie Garon's Point by Mary Banks, corroborating Wickens' story.

Werbicki now contacted Constables Ron O'Brien and Ron Pond with the intention of the three going to the Moss Plant where Wickens had pulled up. Werbicki then received reports that three more people had seen the UFO, a man in Bear point and two women on Cape Sable Island, the man reporting a hearing noise as the craft came down.

Werbicki contacted Wickens at the payphone instructing him to head back to the Moss Plant to meet him and his constables.

At around 11:00pm that night, teenagers Norman Smith and David Kendrick had also been driving along Highway 13, on their way back from a date on Cape Sable Island with their girlfriends also reported seeing a craft with four or five yellow lights, flashing sequentially at an angle of 45 degrees. They assumed it to be a commercial passenger plane and lost sight of it behind the tree line as it was moving in the direction of Shag Harbor.

After being dropped off at his house, Smith noticed the lights again and raised his father, Wilfred. After witnessing the craft drop down below a small hill and assuming an airliner had just crashed into the harbor, the two Smiths made their way to the shore to assist in any way they could.

Wickens was joined at the water's edge, near the Moss Plant, by two RCMP cruisers carrying Werbicki and his two constables and then by the two Smiths in their truck. The object was so dimly lit and far out that Wickens had to point out where it was but the other men were able to see it; and between Werbicki and Norman Smith, estimations of 60 feet wide and 10 feet high, compared to a nearby buoy were made.

Werbicki gave orders to his men: He told Constable Pond to remain on the shore and take statements from any witnesses and Constable O'Brien to call the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax from a local house to ask for their assistance and advice on a possible downed plane. Werbicki himself was about to set off to find two fishermen to take him out to the crash site when the people on the shore noticed that craft was sinking down into the Sound.

The two fishermen whose boats were to be used in the operation were Bradford Shand and Lawrence Smith, Wilfred Smith's brother. Norman Smith and Werbicki went out on Shand's boat while Wilfred went with his brother.

The Smith boat headed the two towards the buoy, named the Budget Light, which had been used for estimations. As they neared the crash site they were greeted by a half-mile long, 80-foot wide layer of thick yellow foam bubbles from below the surface and a smell of sulphur.

Expecting to find survivors or bodies, both boats were used to search the area, but after nearly an hour they had turned up nothing. The coast guard boat arrived from Cape Sable Island, captained by Ronnie Newell who informed Werbicki that he had received a response from the Rescue Coordination Center that all planes private, military and commercial were accounted for; and all were safe from northeast Canada down to New England.

There were now six boats searching the crash site but they were no longer searching for a downed airplane but a downed UFO, this caused understandable concern. The fruitless search was called off for the night at 3:00am and the official search was ended on October 9 when the Canadian Forces Maritime Commander reported that "not a trace, not a clue, not a bit of anything" had been located in the water. Diving teams scouring the bottom of the Sound found no evidence of a craft having hit the bottom.

Good doccumentation is what other U.F.O. sightings are lacking.That is what makes them lack credibility.
This case was investigated for at least 10 days and has the best doccumentation I've ever seen.

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PostSubject: Re: Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:00 pm

I saw this on tv. Interesting stuff!
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PostSubject: Re: Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident   

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Famous Canadian UFO Crash the Shag harbor incident
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